Hi Welcome to our Corporate events page.

Each of our Corporate events are completely designed to achieve your goals for your team.

The venue could be right on the City front door on the South beach coast. Or it could be in the wilderness at Ngamatapouri. It could be a one day event. Or it could be a multi day event and includes your conference on site, complete with catering and accommodation.

The type of activity we specialise in will almost certainly add a confidence dimension to all participants and more importantly the team. There will be obstacles. The team will work out how to overcome them.  Our observations are that during the event one see the team building dynamics at work. At the end of the event team members are far  confident, Team work becomes second nature. The bonding process has taken place and the talk amongst the team at the end is very different from that at the beginning.


These pictures show a recent event on the coast line just South of Whanganui. The growth in confidence during the day and the message that the team gets stronger when it works together is an amazing dynamic to observe

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 For your next Corporate team building day/s out drop us a line at  info@funoffroadadventures.com

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Or if you prefer Ring us on +64 63452471 or +64 274428322

Lets discuss your goals for the event and Tailor the experience just for your Team.

See you there!