Funnell Adventure Tours Ltd (Fun Offroad Adventures) Ngamatapouri 1 & 2 Day Tour

The Tour

  • One of the best areas in the North Island for a real outdoor adventure has to be Ngamatapouri, Moeawatea and the Waitotara valley. It is an area rich in farming and Maori history. Ruggedly appealing and one of the few localities large enough (we have approx. 30,000 acres to explore) for a one or two day safari that it just has to come to the top of the list.
  • Ever since the government bought 200,000 acres for about 50 cents an acre in the 1850’s or even before that in 1825 when the Waikato Maori routed the local tribes, this area has built a rich, colourful and recorded history. The Original European hardy settlers arrived in the late 19th century. The area was furthered settled as rehab soldier blocks after world war one, only to see many of those blocks abandoned in the depression years of the 20’s & 30’s. The area has one of the best New Zealand  histories and remnants of those early settlers of anywhere in our country.
  • Our Ngamatapouri Tour will cover approx. 100-150 Kms Depending on your choice one or two days of well-defined trails and travel over some 9 different properties. On the 2 days tour You will be housed and feed by us.
  • This is an adventure with local Knowledge guides and country hospitality. This Safari is an adventure you will never forget. When you mix this with the tried and tested organisation of the Fun Offroad Adventures team your mates will be upset that they never booked their place as early as you and missed out.
  • The cost for a One day Tour is $600 for that you get up to 5 seats
  • The cost for a two Day tour is $1,200 plus $80 per person for Lodgings and food


The 500 acres native bush block (fully tracked) at Makakaho is one of the most incredible journeys I have ever had. Although I have been through many times. I find each time just as exciting as the first.

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In the 50 years that II have been associated with rural back country of New Zealand   the Top of the Waitotara valley for tracks the bush the history is almost impossible to beat. For example in Ernie Matthews woolshed the grating is split Manuka. The poles and rafters are all adzed. The old Lister diesel is still there or the hole dug in the solid papa in the middle of the regenerated bush that served as a sheep dip; you just don’t see that stuff anymore.



FAT now a certified Adventure tour operator with 5 years’ experience of knowing what makes a successful event will be the icing on the cake to make this a legend that will be talked around at future campfires.

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‘Awesome experience’

Good amount of easy and challenging Terrain, lots of different scenery.

A great ride with plenty of fun

Awesome ride great variety of terrain and great knowledge of history of area and properties covered

It was Bloody good fun