Zion 5


This ride Is temporarily not available do to spring time lambing and calving. We will reopen the ride in Mid October again. Mean time the coastal ride is excellent and still very much available

There is nothing to compare with the thrill of rural New Zealand.

Its  Hills, views and animals. Fun Offroad Adventures have developed a unique adventure that is close to Whanganui (only 20 minutes away) and a trail over the 2,300 acres that will immerse you in “Our rural farming scene, farm animals, Wild Deer, Bush and hill country tracks and views.

  • We take you from our base in Whanganui about 20Kms into the country to start the memories that will last a life time.
  • Bring your own picnic to enjoy in the bushed area, or perhaps on the top of a hill to look at the Panoramic 360 Degrees view.(dont forget tto tell us if you are doing this as we will make the time to stop for a decent break).
  • Our modern Canam fleet is made up of two side by side machines. One with 6 seats, the other 4, plus one machine has an additional 5th seat available for People under 160 cms tall.
    • Our Tours have several choices both in time and route. Fun Offroad Adventures recognises that not all people will want the same type of excursion or adventure.
    •  Before we get into our modern , Canam we will ask you questions like: What would you prefer?
    • Just keep to the wide open spaces on level ground/ keep to wide tracks that have a minimal slope / Travel on tracks that have an average width and slope, I have come for adventure if you think it’s safe then do it.
    • I prefer going slow/ a moderate speed so I can feel the breeze but still have time to admire the landscape/ As long as it’s safe you can go quickly. It doesn’t matter how fast you go
    • Fun Offroad Adventures will tailor the route and the comfort level as well as the duration of your tour to suit.
    • Our charges for this tour are based on an hourly machine charge of $100.00. Discounted to $240.00  So if you fill five seats then your average fare per seat is just $48 a seat for our Standard 3 hour adventure.
    • Zion 5 Zion 3 Zion 1
    • Fun Offroad Adventures, is an accredited Adventure Provider. We comply with current safety legislation and have been certified by Worksafe NZ through MBIE
    • MBIE Safety Audit Standard for Adventure activities, dated 2016
    • All rides depart from 66 Wikitoria Rd Wanganui Unless specified elsewhere
    • To ask more about your ride Phone 0274 428 322 Now.

    See you there?