The Beautiful Whanganui South Beach Coastline

  • ‘Fun Offroad Adventures,’ is based in one of the most picturesque parts of New Zealand.
  • Whanganui with its parks, gardens and parkland reserves offers a total smorgasbord of outdoor activities and attractions.
  • One of the most attractive is the Whanganui Southern coastline
  • booknowbuttonOur South Beach Safaris have several choices both in time and route. Fun Offroad Adventures recognises that not all people will want the same type of excursion or adventure.
  •  After we welcome you to Fun Offroad Tours and before we get into our modern 6 or 4 seat, Canam we will ask you questions like: What would you prefer?
  • Just keep to the wide open spaces on level ground/ keep to wide tracks that have a minimal slope / Travel on tracks that have an average width and slope, I have come for adventure if you think it’s safe then do it.
  • I prefer going slow/ a moderate speed so I can feel the breeze but still have time to admire the landscape/ As long as it’s safe you can go quickly. It doesn’t matter how fast you go


  • Fun Offroad Adventures will tailor the route and the comfort level as well as the duration of your tour to suit.
  • Fun Offroad Advenures, South beach tours can be anything from 1 hour to 3 hours. you choose.
  • Our charges are based on an hourly machine charge of $100.00. So if you fill five seats then your average fare per seat is just $40 a seat for our  2 hour adventure. Or $25 for our one hour adventure.
  • Fun Offroad Adventures, is an accredited Adventure Provider. We comply with current safety legislation and have been certified by Worksafe NZ through MBIE
  • MBIE Safety Audit Standard for Adventure activities, dated 2016
  • All rides depart from 66 Wikitoria Rd Wanganui Unless specified elsewherebooknowbutton
  • To ask more about your ride Phone 0274 428 322 Now.

See you there?